Thursday, October 1, 2009

Hello, Thailand!

About a week ago, we arrived in Thailand - safe and sound! It was a LONG trip here (about 30 hours of flying and waiting in airports) but Amelia was SUCH a good little traveler. We went all that way and there was only one minor meltdown! Thank goodness for Sesame Street DVDs, coloring books, stickers, books, crayons and walking the aisles. I couldn't really do as much walking as usual because I badly hurt my left foot before we left (torn ligaments.) That was very uncomfortable, to say the least. My Mom met us in Tokyo about two-thirds of the way to Thailand and Amelia and I were never so happy to see her!

As you can see from the picture, we were quite a site in the various airports - Orlando, Washington D.C., Tokyo and Bangkok - with my wheelchair, Amelia's stroller and all our stuff!

Here in Chiang Mai, we have been taking it easy while my foot continues to heal and we adjust to the time change. We've had lots of good food, visited with friends and family and spent lots of quality time with Grandma and Grandpa. Amelia now has names for them "Ba Ba" for Grandpa and "Na Na" for Grandma. It is SO sweet. Amelia asks for "Ba Ba" ALL the time, even in her sleep. They are such good friends!

Amelia is in heaven here in Thailand because of all the purple (her favorite color) and elephants (her favorite animal.) She sees both everywhere and impresses everyone with her expanding vocabulary. She also loves Thai fried rice and the juicy mangoes. She's not so crazy about Thai noodles yet, but we'll keep trying!

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