Sunday, October 18, 2009

Getting to the BEACH! (And back)

The internet is up and running and I finally have time to post some pictures from the "BEACH!" as Amelia likes to say. We had a FABULOUS time in Hua Hin. Thank you Uncle B for arranging our wonderful stay at the Hua Hin Hilton with breathtaking views of the Gulf of Siam from our room and for organizing wonderful meals and daily outings! I can't say it enough - Amelia LOVED the BEACH! She continues to talk about all the fun things we did while we were there.

To get the BEACH! from Chiang Mai, we flew an hour to Bangkok, then drove for 2 1/2 hours in a rented van. Amelia continues to be SUCH a good traveler. Here are some pictures of us at the airport (me in a wheelchair with Amelia on my lap and Abby Cadabby on her lap) and Amelia in her car seat in the van. Every time we travel, Abby Caddaby comes with us, stuffed in Amelia's little backpack. It's the cutest thing ever. The only drawback is when the bag with Abby Cadabby has to go through the X-ray machine at the airport. That usually brings so many tears that next time we fly, I'm going to ask the security folks if Amelia can hold Abby Cadabby instead of sending her through the machine.

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La Familia Crespo said...

LOVE the bookbag w/Abby inside. Very cute! Looks like you ladies are having a great time!