Sunday, October 18, 2009


In our short visit to Hua Hin, we went to several different parts of the beach. When my Mom was little, she and her family would spend several weeks a year in Hua Hin during their summer break. There was only one hotel then and virtually no tourists. Now, luxury hotels line the beach and there are restaurants, shops, malls and yes, a Starbucks and McDonalds in town.

Right in front of our hotel, the beach was a bit crowded, but there was still plenty of sand for digging. Uncle B took us to two other parts of the beach - one where Amelia saw horses up close for the first time. (Notice how the horse and Amelia have the same hairstyle.) She really thought it was cool to see the horse's nose go in and out while breathing. The third beach was much wider and not as crowded and Amelia, Grandma and Grandpa had so much fun digging in the sand and going in the water! I didn't go in the water as much as I would have liked to because the sandy bottom is so uneven I was afraid I would injure my foot again. Plus, it's hard to navigate the beach with a cane.

Amelia absolutely loved all the new things that came with going to a Thai beach - the horses, the sand, the calm water (although she didn't put her head under water in the sea, only in the pool.) The one thing she didn't like was sand in her shoes. (I understand why.) She was quite bothered by it and was only satisfied when her feet and sandals were completely clean at the end of the day!

Here are just a few pictures of our stay in Hua Hin, one we will always remember!

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La Familia Crespo said...

I'm glad Amelia is enjoying the beach there. How exciting for her to see a horse on the beach! You don't see that here.