Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"Cha Cha and Me"

One of Amelia's favorite words these days is "Cha Cha," which she calls her good friend Cristiana. She talks about Cha Cha almost every day and Wednesday, Amelia and Cha Cha got to play, play, play together. They were so cute! They played in the pool, ate snacks, sat in the swing, jumped up and down in Cha Cha's crib and had a grand time! Just before we left, Amelia gave Cha Cha several big, ole hugs as if to say, "Thank you so much for having me over today!" Thanks, Maite and Cha Cha!

Everyday, Amelia learns more and more words and I think she's about to try to get much, much more independent because she now says "mine," and "me" and points adamantly to herself. She also loves her opposite words: "up" and "down," "on" and "off," "BIIIIGGG" and "little, little, little." Now if only she would say "yes" as much as she says "no!"

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La Familia Crespo said...

we're so happy you ladies came over! Can't wait till we hang out again!