Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

On October 15, we celebrated my Dad's 70th birthday! (The big day was the main reason Amelia and I came to Thailand this year.) For the special day, Amelia wore a red and white check dress that I wore 36 years ago on my second birthday. And my Mom found a picture of me wearing the dress. So I took a picture of Amelia wearing the dress holding the picture of me wearing the dress. Pretty cool, huh?

We started the day with a lovely brunch at the Meridien hotel in Chiang Mai, thanks to Uncle B (who knows all the good restaurants in town.) In the evening, we had about 15 friends and family members over for dinner. Because Amelia goes to bed about 7:30 p.m. or 8 p.m., we sang "Happy Birthday" and blew out the candles BEFORE dinner, which everyone thought was fun. Amelia especially liked it because 1) She loves blowing out candles and 2) She got to eat birthday cake (a slice Boston cream pie) for dinner. YUMMY!

It was so special to be able to celebrate this milestone with my Dad. He and Amelia are having so much fun together. She calls him "Papa," though it sounds more like "Baba" and LOVES it when he sings songs to her and tells stories. Seeing them together is as sweet as a slice of his delicious birthday cake.

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Mandy said...

Happy Happy birthday Uncle Guy! What a fun celebration and I love that Amelia was wearing your dress. So special.