Wednesday, July 22, 2009

"M-I-C-K-E-Y M-O-U-S-E!"

Last month, Amelia made her first visit to Disney World's Magic Kingdom, which is pretty incredible since we live mere miles from the happiest place on earth. We went with our friends, Maite and Cristiana, Kristin and Ava and Grandma Maria and had a grand old time! Yes, it was hot (June in Florida is not an ideal time to go) and crowded (summer vacation) with long lines for the rides, (again, summer vacation) but it was such a memorable trip.

The only official ride we rode was the carousel because the line for every other ride was at least 40 minutes. Anyone who has ever tried to stand in line for 40 MINUTES with a toddler understands why we skipped the rides. These days, you also have to stand in line to meet and take pictures with the characters, which I don't remember from years past. We played on the various playgrounds, caught the end of the afternoon parade on Main Street, ate snacks and took in ALL the sights and sounds. Amelia, of course, loved the music you hear everywhere at the Magic Kingdom.

Her favorite "ride," though, was the tram to the parking lot that we caught at the end of our visit. She laughed the whole way back to the car with the wind blowing in her hair. And now she squeals "MIMMIE!" in her sweet, little voice whenever she sees anything resembling Mickey or Minnie - which is quite often around here.

Maite and Kristin, thank you for sharing these adorable photos!

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La Familia Crespo said...

Can't wait till the weather cools a bit to go again w/you ladies