Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Happy First Birthday, Nong Lanna

In more cousin news, Lanna turned 1-year-old on May 13 and we were there to help her mark the joyous occassion in style. Amelia loves Nong Lanna! ("Nong" means "younger person" in Thai.) In addition to a wonderful trip to Washington, D.C. and lots of excellent family time and delicious meals, Amelia got to take in the sights on the National Mall for the first time.

Lanna had a great time at her birthday party and looked precious in her very fancy pink birthday frock, even though she didn't really care for her birthday cake. She is an overall excellent eater! At the time, she only had one and a half teeth (yes, 1.5 teeth) and was eating EVERYTHING. Cuban food, Chinese food, crab and artichoke dip, you name it, she ate it. She set a really good example for Amelia.

It was a trip I will always remember, especially getting to see the White House and having our picture taken in front of it at such a historic time for the country. I know Amelia won't remember it, but she'll always have the photos to look at and me to tell her about it.

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