Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Like A Fish In Water

We have just finished an intense two weeks of swimming lessons - four days a week - at a nearby YMCA and Amelia LOVED everything about them. Well, almost everything. The only thing she did not like at all was floating on her back. But she loved dipping her head under water, sitting on the pool's edge and "jumping" in to me, swimming between me and the awesome teacher, Miss Ellen, and making new friends.

It didn't take Amelia long to get used to going under water. I think it was harder for me to let her go and try it! I would count "1-2-3" to cue her to close her eyes and mouth before I put her under. She thought it was so much fun that she would close her eyes, but not her mouth because she was smiling too much. When she emerged seconds later, she would still be smiling and spitting water out of her mouth. And she would want to do it again and again. Now she can even go under water and pull herself toward the wall and out of the pool! It is AMAZING the progress these kids make almost over night.

Miss Ellen says Amelia won't be developmentally ready to really "swim" for about six months, but to keep practicing what we learned. Luckily, it will be so very easy to get our little fish back in the water! Tracy took an adorable video that I will post later, too!

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La Familia Crespo said...

How exciting! It looks like she seemed to really enjoy it!