Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sea World!

This year, we decided Amelia was old enough to REALLY appreciate going to theme parks. And we are lucky to have plenty to choose from in Orlando. Several of our friends recommended we get passes to Sea World (Florida residents get a GREAT deal and Amelia still gets in free) and we have braved the spring and summer crowds several times.

As we expected, Amelia LOVES going. She is mesmerized by the underwater dolphin viewing, fascinated by the sting rays and enthralled with the Shamu show "Believe," during which she actually sits still and watches! (Yes, we do recognize the differing opinions around keeping wild animals captive - especially killer whales - and training them to perform. But that's a whole other story.) She's not too crazy about the sea lion exhibit because folks feed them fish and Amelia thinks that's "stinky."

We're lucky that our tickets allow us to go back as much as we want for a year so we don't have to cram everything into one day. I don't know how families do three, four or five parks in a week!

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