Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lumpkin, Sumpkin. . . . .


Everybody knows that Amelia is the world's Number One Abby Cadabby Fan. And Sea World has the REAL Abby Cadabby and Elmo and Bert and Ernie and Rosita and Cookie Monster and Grover. That's right. They are ALL at Sea World during the summer when they are on vacation from Sesame Street. They all star in a show and you can meet them before and after the show, too.

The highlight of our most recent trip to Sea World was meeting Abby Cadabby herself. We were in the park for about 15 minutes when we almost ran right into that adorable fairy-in-training. Amelia was beyond thrilled - gasping, staring at her and generally enamored by the REAL ABBY. It was even more special because Amelia had an Abby tattoo on her arm that day AND was wearing her Abby ponytails, all of which she pointed out to Abby.

During the Sesame Street show, Amelia sat on Jason's lap and was very serious about the whole thing like she is when she is absorbing every moment of a new experience. And when we met Abby after the show, Amelia got to hold her wand and practice some fairy tricks. As Abby would say, the whole experience was "SO MAGICAL!"

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Mandy said...

Everett loves these characters too! We especially loved that Amelia was wearing her Abby pigtails. Adorable!