Friday, October 31, 2008

Good Bye, Chiang Mai

We've been here almost a month now and as we prepare to leave, I thought I'd post a few more photos because I know I won't have time right away when we get home!

The same day we went to see the elephants, we went to a temple called the Forest Temple. The buildings and the surroundings are very peaceful and beautiful. People come from around Thailand to meditate and pay their respects here. One day Amelia may appreciate all that. For now, though, she thought the temple bells were really cool.

Most days we walk around my parent's garden, which is quite beautiful. It's the end of the rainy season in Thailand and the daily rains make everything so green. They also cool things down somewhat, which is nice in the afternoon. The day this picture was taken, Amelia was helping my Dad pick flowers.

You'll also get an idea of what it's like when we go out to eat. We definitely stand out with that bright yellow high chair!

Amelia will get many chances to practice waving "good-bye" when we leave Chiang Mai tomorrow and head to Bangkok for a few days. She'll have a completely different Thai experience there visiting a city of eight million people with almost as many cars!