Tuesday, July 1, 2008

I'm Going to Thailand!

We recently applied for Amelia's passport in preparation for her first trip to Thailand in the fall! We are so looking forward to spending a month visiting relatives and friends who haven't met Amelia. Grandma Maria will be with us on our trip to Thailand, but it will be just me and Amelia on the way back. (Jason has to work so he can't come with us.)

Here is a copy of her passport photo - taken at our local Walgreens. There are many rules to follow - the baby has to be against a white background, look straight at the camera with her eyes open, etc. So I stood behind the lady taking the picture and sang the riveting Raffi song "Down By the Bay." That explains the somewhat quizzical look on her face.

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uncleken said...

Dear Amelia Marie,
We'll be waiting for you with open arms and silly adult things to say to babies. On your way here why not stop off in several troubles countries and exercise your new diplomatic conflict resolution skills? If you do well, maybe you can rectify the situation in the former democracy of America.
With love & excitement,
Auntie Om & superannuated Uncle Ken