Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Guess Who was Florida-Born?

We had a fabulous Fourth of July- full of lots of "swimming," family time, a cookout and some shopping. Grandpa Larry, Grandma Barbara, and Auntie Stacey came to visit for the weekend. (Uncle Tommy was out of state.) The highlight - Amelia's first time in a swimming pool! First, she tried out a purple swimming pool that Grandma Barbara bought her, then she splashed her feet in the pool at her Aunt Tracy's apartment complex pool. She loved her polka-dot bathing suit, but only wore her sunglasses for a few minutes before she took them off (herself!) and tried to eat them. I think we have a water baby. Then again, she was born in Florida.


Mandy said...

I love her swimming suit! She is so cute and looks like she loves the water. Hope all is well, xoxoxo, Mandy, Ben and Everett

Mommy & Me said...

Great blog! Cute baby photos! And so sweet in your dress, that is so special.