Monday, October 11, 2010

Fun Fall Days

After a long, hot summer, we have had some beautiful fall days here in Florida. (Hey, 80 degrees and no humidity is downright cool when the heat index just a few weeks ago reached to 100!) And we have taken advantage of them with lots of park days, (that's Amelia in the big girl swing at the park in her Florida Gators garb)and a visit to the Central Florida Zoo in nearby Sanford where she rode in a train with Jason and sat in front of a beautiful butterfly with Auntie Tracy.

But the recent highlights have been a visit to the University of Central Florida to see "Sesame Street Live" (which is a traveling show) and an open house at Amelia's school. Amelia, of course, LOVED seeing all of her favorite characters dance and sing IN REAL LIFE during the Sesame Street show. At times it was a little too loud for her tastes and she covered her ears, but mostly she sat still and was riveted by the performance. It warms my heart that she loves live shows because I have such special memories of going to see shows when I was young. Maybe she'll grow up to be on Broadway!

Last Thursday was Open House Night at Amelia's school and she was THRILLED to be going to school at night with us. She was so proud waking in to her classroom and wanted Jason to read to her and play with her and show us her favorite toys. (That's Jason reading to her during the open house.) She worked the room full of classmates and their parents like a pro. Following is a real conversation Amelia had with one of her friends, Izzie and Izzie's mom, who is pregnant.

Amelia: Hi! How are you guys?
Izzie's Mom: Fine! How are you?
Amelia: Just fine. How's the baby in your belly?
Izzie's Mom: (Laughing!) Just fine, thank you. (Still laughing.)

That's our girl!

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Mandy said...

She is too sweet! Cannot wait to see her in December!