Monday, December 14, 2009

Happy Turkey Day!

Guess who loves pumpkin pie? Especially homemade pumpkin pie. You guessed it. Amelia.
She wasn't so crazy about the turkey or mashed potatoes. And once again, she dramatically threw her green beans on the floor. Had she tasted them, she would have loved them, I'm sure!

All this delicious home cooking was courtesy of Jason's parents, Meemaw Barbara and Grandpa Larry, who came to visit for Thanksgiving weekend. We had a wonderful time and Grandpa Larry got to read SO MANY books to Amelia, which she LOVED. She also showed off her mad sliding skills at the park and celebrated Meemaw's birthday with a singing Elmo balloon and red velvet cake. Oh, and guess who loves red velvet cake? Yup. Our little sweetie pie.

We'll see them again at Christmas at their house in Niceville and something tells me their will be no shortage of holiday goodies there!

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