Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter Extravaganza

In her young life, Amelia has never worn more pretty dresses in one week than she did Easter week. There were, of course, several visits to the Easter Bunny, one of which resulted in a photo. (As soon as Jason gets it scanned in, I will post it.) This required one dress. Then, there was a spring photo session with Tracy which called for a second dress. (Pictures above!) And finally, there was a little Easter egg hunt with some neighbors across the street which required yet another dress. (These photos also will be posted later.)

Luckily, Amelia already has outfits for pretty much any occassion so we didn't actually have to buy anything new. Aunt Cynth sent the purple bunny ears and bunny purse - perfect accessories for the spring photo shoot. Grandma Barbara gave us the lovely, hand-made, pastel bunny blanket even before we knew we were going to have a baby girl. Though Amelia's not exactly a frilly girl, she didn't seem to mind dressing up. At first though, she didn't understand why the dresses billowed out when she sat down. She tried to pat down the material a couple of times, but then she got used to it.

I love all these photos, but look closely at the HUGE smile in the photo when she's laying on her back. She's giggling and laughing because she had just rolled over and fallen back and she thought it was HILARIOUS. That's the smile I picture in my head - a big, toothy grin that says "all is right with the world" - whenever I think of our baby girl. But she really isn't a baby anymore, don't 'ya think?


Mandy said...

She is so unbelieveably adorable! Love her dress and her bunny ears.

La Familia Crespo said...

Beautiful as always! Tracy does an awesome job and ofcourse is such an adorable subject. I LOVE the laughing one as well. It's nice to see them in this light (everything is good in the world) and it helps us see the world the same way when they laugh or smile.