Friday, March 6, 2009

I'm One Now, Mama! Don't Kiss Me Too Much!

With the weather warming up here in sunny Florida, we decided to go down to our little local lake here in Ocoee - Starke Lake - and take Amelia's official "one-year-old portrait." Amelia, of course, wore a purple dress that her Grandma Barbara bought for her, purple shoes and a purple clip in her hair. Tracy, photographer "extraordinaire" as they say in French, came with us and brought a toddler-size chair that she uses for herself (and sometimes her cat, Eos.)

Amelia had a great time climbing in the chair, then out of the chair, then in, then out - you get the idea. She also loved watching the ducks waddle around and the boats speed by. And she is still just as photogenic, beautiful and charming as ever. She just doesn't want her Mama kissing her too much in public.


Mandy said...

She looks like a baby model!! So beautiful.

La Familia Crespo said...

Beautiful as usual!